We would like to answer a number of Questions

We believe revenue managers can contribute to economic sustainability of a company without sacrificing short-run objectives.  They are involved directly or indirectly in a wide range of practices that  influence long-term ROI.  Our specific questions are in six areas:

Sustainability of the Customer Base
How does the customer base react in the long term to pricing strategies, loyalty programs and Customer Relations Management?  Is “Green Marketing” effective and is Social Responsibility important to repeat customers? 

Operations Management that Looks to the Future
Do competitive pricing and inventory control practices in the short-term lead to long run ROI gains?  Can forecasting methods be developed to balance short- and long-term expected profits against risks?

Employee Satisfaction, Retention and Collaboration
How do the long-term benefits of employee happiness and low turnover and compare to short term costs of incentives, staff development and providing professional opportunities?  

Long Run Community Partnerships
How can adoption of environmentally and socially responsible practices and development of relationships with host community organizations reduce costs, build long-term public support and encourage word-of-mouth marketing by residents? 

Managing Channels and Media over Time
 How might distribution channels and social media be managed to effect long-term profitability? 

Planning Horizons and Goals at different Levels of Management
 Are different levels of management (owners, general managers, directors of sales, revenue managers and front desk managers) on the same page when it comes to long-term goals?  Are there conflicts between short and long-term objectives?  How do goals and objectives vary across types of ownership and changes in ownership?  What role do/should management companies play?